alana | chanlea brand was manifested from two sisters (Alana & Chanlea) who had a vision to create a line where women can feel empowered, elegant and worthy.

Born and raised in Houston, Texas, we were raised by a strong woman who instilled in us values such as faith, humility, love and modesty, this is what every woman should be able to feel. We have respectively had the opportunity to live in San Antonio and Austin, this has allowed us to meet many women from all walks of life. Every woman we have met has left an impression. We each have a distinct story that is rooted in our experiences, beliefs, and passions. As women of faith, we believe that every woman has a unique story to tell through her life, faith, and journey. We aim to help her express that through her sense of style.

Our goal is to provide quality fashion jewelry for every occasion - whether it be for the office, vacation, or everyday wear for you to create / re-create any narrative you desire.